adapterjs0.15.5Creating a common API for WebRTC in the browser
angular2-polyfill0.0.32Angular2 polyfill for Angular1
blob-polyfill7.0.20220408Blob.js implements the W3C Blob interface in browsers that do not natively support it.
classlist1.2.20180112Cross-browser full element.classList implementation.
clipboard-polyfill4.1.0A polyfill for the asynchronous clipboard API
console-polyfill0.3.0Browser console polyfill. Makes it safe to do console.log()-s etc always.
css3pie2.0beta1CSS3 PIE JavaScript edition. Enables rendering of common CSS3 decoration properties in Internet Explorer 6-9.
dialog-polyfill0.5.6Polyfill for the dialog element
document-register-element1.14.10A stand-alone working lightweight version of the W3C Custom Elements specification
eqcss1.9.2EQCSS is a polyfill that introduces Element Queries, Scoped CSS, selectors for parent, next, and previous elements to all browsers IE8 and up
es5-shim4.6.7ECMAScript 5 compatibility shims for legacy JavaScript engines
es7-shim6.0.0ECMAScript 7 compatibility shims for legacy JavaScript engines
event-source-polyfill0.0.9A polyfill for http://www.w3.org/TR/eventsource/
fetch3.6.20A window.fetch JavaScript polyfill.
flexibility2.0.1Use Flexbox while supporting older Internet Explorers
flexie1.0.3Cross-browser support for the CSS3 Flexible Box Model.
headjs1.0.3HeadJS: Responsive Design, Feature Detections & Asset Loading. The only script in your
iamdustan-smoothscroll0.4.3Polyfill for smooth scroll behavior
ie-love0.0.3Combo polyfill for IE8 and below.
imager.js0.5.1Imager.js is an alternative solution to the issue of how to handle responsive image loading, created by developers at BBC News.
IndexedDBShim13.0.0A polyfill for IndexedDB using WebSql
js-polyfills0.1.43Collection of Web polyfills.
minifill0.0.4A minimal polyfill with most essential stuff
object-fit-images3.2.4Polyfill object-fit and object-position on images on IE9, IE10, IE11, Edge, Safari, ...
object-fit0.4.2Polyfill for the CSS object-fit property to fit images into containers
picturefill3.0.3A responsive image polyfill.
placeholder-shiv0.2A tiny polyfill for the placeholder attribute. Requires Prototype.js or jQuery
placeholders4.0.1A JavaScript polyfill for the HTML5 placeholder attribute
rangeslider.js2.3.3Simple, small and fast JavaScript/jQuery polyfill for the HTML5 slider element
rem1.3.4A polyfill to parse CSS links and rewrite pixel equivalents into head for non supporting browsers
respond.js1.4.2min/max-width media query polyfill
shadydom1.11.0Shadow DOM polyfill
stickyfill2.1.0position: sticky polyfill
svgxuse1.2.6A polyfill that fetches external SVGs referenced in use elements when the browser itself fails to do so.
tez.js10.0.1Lightweight, Flexible, Fast, Memory and Power Effecient Animation, Function and DOM Manager
url-search-params1.1.0Simple polyfill for URLSearchParams standard
usertiming0.1.7W3C UserTiming polyfill
visibility.js1.2.4Wrapper for the Page Visibility API
webshim1.16.0modular capability-based polyfill loading libary, which extends jQuery with HTML5 features in legacy browsers
xdomain0.8.2A pure JavaScript CORS alternative
datalist-polyfill1.25.1A minimal and dependency-free vanilla JavaScript datalist polyfill. Supports all standard's functionality as well as mimics other browsers behavior.
intl1.2.5Polyfill the ECMA-402 Intl API (except collation)
webvr-polyfill0.10.12Use WebVR today, on mobile or desktop, without requiring a special browser build.
webextension-polyfill0.11.0A lightweight polyfill library for Promise-based WebExtension APIs in Chrome.
css-vars-ponyfill2.4.9Client-side support for CSS custom properties (aka "CSS variables") in legacy and modern browsers
proxy-polyfill0.3.2Polyfill for the Proxy object
hyphenopoly5.3.0Hyphenation for node and Polyfill for client-side hyphenation.
loading-attribute-polyfill1.5.4Fast and lightweight dependency-free vanilla JavaScript polyfill for native lazy loading / the awesome loading='lazy'-attribute.
eventsource-polyfill0.9.6A browser polyfill for W3C EventSource (http://www.w3.org/TR/eventsource/)
broadcastchannel-polyfill1.0.1Polyfill for BroadcastChannel for Safari, old Chrome and Opera
webcomponents-template-polyfill1.5.1HTML template element polyfill.