alexandernst-angular-multi-select7.4.6A multi select dropdown directive for AngularJS
angular-chosen-localytics1.9.3Angular Chosen directive is an AngularJS Directive that brings the Chosen jQuery in a Angular way
angular-multi-select4.0.0A multi select dropdown directive for AngularJS
angular-ui-select0.19.8AngularJS ui-select
bootstrap-select1.13.18Bootstrap-select is a jQuery plugin that overhauls select elements to improve their appearance and expand their functionality.
bootstrap-tagsinput0.8.0jQuery plugin providing a Twitter Bootstrap user interface for managing tags.
bootstrap-tokenfield0.12.0Advanced tagging/tokenizing plugin for input fields with a focus on keyboard and copy-paste support.
choices.js9.0.1A vanilla JS customisable text input/select box plugin
chosen1.8.7Chosen is a JavaScript plugin that makes select boxes user-friendly. It is currently available in both jQuery and Prototype flavors.
dependent-dropdown1.4.9A multi level dependent dropdown JQuery plugin that allows nested dependencies.
dropdown.js0.0.2devFinally a dropdown plugin that transforms select inputs in nice dropdowns and does not drive you crazy.
fastselect0.7.3A lightweight browser plugin for enhanced select elements based on jQuery. Enables fast and sensible UI upgrade of select element with features like option searching and remote dataset loading.
heapbox0.9.4Customizable replacement for html select (not only) with events, callbacks, themes and much more.
imgareaselect0.9.10ImgAreaSelect is a plugin for selecting a rectangular area of an image. It allows web developers to easily implement image cropping functionality, as well as other user interface features (such as photo notes).
JavaScript-autoComplete1.0.4An extremely lightweight vanilla JavaScript completion suggester.
jQRangeSlider5.7.2A javascript slider selector that supports dates
jquery-nstslider1.0.13Fully customizable with CSS, Single/Double handles, Touch-enabled, IE 7+ Compatibility, Custom Digit Rounding, Non linear step increments!
jquery.customSelect0.5.1Custom Select Box CSS Style Plugin
jquery.finderselect0.6.0Add File Explorer selecting functions to any element
jquery.selectbox1.2.0A styleable replacement for SELECT elements.
jquery.sumoselect3.3.26A jQuery plugin that progressively enhances an HTML Select Box into a Single/Multiple option dropdown list
json-mask1.0.4Tiny language and engine for selecting specific parts of a JS object, hiding the rest.
magicsuggest2.1.5MagicSuggest is a multiple selection auto suggest combo box for Bootstrap 3.
multi-select0.9.12This is a user-friendlier drop-in replacement for the standard
multi.js0.5.3A user-friendly replacement for select boxes with multiple attribute enabled
pickout2.0.1Cool efect for field select on form
react-bootstrap-select0.14.0A custom
react-select5.2.1A Select control built with and for ReactJS
select-or-die0.1.8Yet another jQuery plugin to style/replace select elements.
select24.0.13Select2 is a jQuery based replacement for select boxes. It supports searching, remote data sets, and infinite scrolling of results.
selectize.js0.13.3Selectize is a jQuery-based custom
slim-select1.27.0Slim vanilla javascript select dropdown
switchy.js0.1.1This is a tiny jQuery plugin which can be used as both a switch or a slider.
tether-select1.1.1Styleable select elements built on Tether
image-select2.0Image Select is an extension of Chosen, a jQuery plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly. It provides image support for Single and Multi select HTML tags
datalist-polyfill1.24.4A minimal and dependency-free vanilla JavaScript datalist polyfill. Supports all standard's functionality as well as mimics other browsers behavior.
bootstrap-vue2.21.2Quickly integrate Bootstrap 4 components with Vue.js
selecto1.12.1Selecto.js is a component that allows you to select elements in the drag area using the mouse or touch.
imagemapster1.5.4jQuery plugin that activates areas in HTML imagemaps with support for highlighting, selecting, tooltips, resizing and more
xel0.9.7Widget toolkit for building native-like Electron, NW.js and Chrome apps
shards-vue1.0.7A free, beautiful and modern Vue.js UI kit based on the Shards UI kit.
getmdl-select2.0.1select for material-design-lite
datatables.net-select1.3.3Select provides table item selection capabilities - rows, columns and cells can be selected individually or collectively. Complex selection operations such as operating system style selection (ctrl/cmd and shift click) for multiple rows can be enabled with a single option for a DataTable.
react-inputs-validation4.8.3a react inputs validation component
datatables.net-select-bs41.3.3Select for DataTables with styling for [Bootstrap 4](http://getbootstrap.com/)
datatables.net-select-bs1.3.3Select for DataTables with styling for [Bootstrap 3](http://getbootstrap.com/)
datatables.net-select-dt1.3.3Select for DataTables
tom-select1.7.7Tom Select is a versatile and dynamic
datatables.net-select-bs51.3.3Select for DataTables with styling for [Bootstrap 5](http://getbootstrap.com/)