alt0.18.6A flux implementation
amazeui-react1.2.3Amaze UI components build with React.
antd-mobile2.3.4A configurable Mobile UI specification and React-based implementation.
antd4.17.2An UI design language
aphrodite2.4.0Inline styles in JS that just work (TM)
backbone-react-component1.0.0Backbone.React.Component is a wrapper for React.Component and brings all the power of Facebook's React to Backbone.js
baobab2.6.1JavaScript persistent data tree with cursors.
classnames2.3.1A simple utility for conditionally joining classNames together
dio9.1.0Dio is a lightweight (~7kb) feature rich Virtual DOM framework
draft-js0.11.7A React framework for building text editors.
elemental0.5.3React UI Framework
fixed-data-table0.6.5A React table component designed to allow presenting thousands of rows of data.
flocks.js1.6.1Simpler state management for React.js
flux4.0.2An application architecture based on a unidirectional data flow
fluxify0.2.3The simplest flux implementation
formsy-react0.19.5A form input builder and validator for React JS
freezer-js0.14.1A tree data structure that is always updated from the root, making easier to think in a reactive way.
glamorous5.0.0React component styling solved
griddle-react1.13.1Griddle - A fast and flexible grid component for React.
inferno-compat7.4.11Provides a compatibility with React codebases
inferno-component7.4.11Provides ES2015 stateful components (with lifecycle events) to Inferno
inferno-create-class7.4.11Provides a helper to create Inferno Components without needing ES2015
inferno-create-element7.4.11Provides methods to create Inferno VNodes
inferno-devtools7.4.11Provides support for React's Dev Tools for Inferno
inferno-mobx7.4.11Official Inferno bindings for Mobx
inferno-redux7.4.11Official Inferno bindings for Redux
inferno-router7.4.11Provides routing functionality for Inferno
inferno-server7.4.11Provides methods to render HTML strings from Inferno elements
inferno-test-utils7.4.11Suite of utilities for testing Inferno applications
inferno-vnode-flags7.4.11Provides an enum of all possible VNode Flags used when calling Inferno.createVNode
inferno7.4.11An extremely fast, isomorphic JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces
js-data3.0.10Robust, framework-agnostic in-memory data store.
maple.js1.5.0Maple is a seamless module that allows you to organise your React project in terms of webcomponents
mercury14.2.0A truly modular frontend framework
mobx-react7.2.1React bindings for MobX. Create fully reactive components.
mobx6.3.8Simple, scalable state management.
mockstate0.0.7A centralized state management for Javascript applications, made easy.
ngreact0.5.2Use React Components in Angular
nuclear-js1.4.0Immutable, reactive Flux architecture. UI Agnostic.
omniscient4.2.0A library providing an abstraction for React components for passing the same data structure through the entire component flow using cursors and immutable data structures.
onfire.js2.0.0onfire.js is a simple events dispatcher subscribe / publish library. aysnc, simple and usefull.
preact-compat3.19.0A React compatibility layer for Preact
prop-types15.7.2Runtime type checking for React props and similar objects.
radium0.26.1A set of tools to manage inline styles on React elements
react-ace9.4.1A react component for Ace Editor
react-autocomplete1.8.1Accessible, extensible, Autocomplete for React.js
react-block-ui1.3.3Block UI for react
react-bootstrap-select0.14.0A custom
react-bootstrap-table4.3.1It's a react table for bootstrap
react-bootstrap-typeahead5.2.0React-based typeahead using the Bootstrap theme
react-bootstrap2.0.3Bootstrap 3 components built with React
react-chartjs1.2.0react charting components using the chartjs lib
react-contextmenu2.14.0Context Menu implemented in React
react-cookie4.0.3Load and save cookies within your React application
react-data-grid6.1.0Data grid for React
react-date-picker8.2.0A carefully crafted date picker for React
react-datepicker4.1.1A simple and reusable datepicker component for React
react-datetime3.0.4A lightweight but complete datetime picker React.js component.
react-disqus-thread0.4.0React Disqus thread component
react-dom17.0.2The entry point of the DOM-related rendering paths. It is intended to be paired with the isomorphic React, which is shipped as react to npm.
react-dropzone11.3.4Simple HTML5 drag-drop zone with React.js
react-faux-dom4.5.0DOM like data structure to be mutated by D3 et al, then rendered to React elements
react-flip-move3.0.4Effortless animation between DOM changes (eg. list reordering) using the FLIP technique.
react-foundation-apps0.6.1'React port of foundation-apps'
react-grid-layout1.3.1A draggable and resizable grid layout with responsive breakpoints, for React.
react-highcharts16.1.0React wrapper for highcharts
react-inlinesvg2.2.2An SVG loader for React
react-instantsearch-theme-algolia4.5.2Algolia theme for React InstantSearch
react-instantsearch6.11.2⚡ Lightning-fast search for React and React Native apps, by Algolia
react-intl1.2.2Internationalize React apps declaratively. This library provides React components and an API to format dates, numbers, and string messages, including pluralization.
react-ios-switch0.1.19React switch component
react-leaflet3.1.0React components for Leaflet maps
react-localstorage1.0.0A mixin for automatically synchronizing a component's state with localStorage.
react-markdown6.0.1Renders Markdown as React components
react-mdl2.1.0React Components for Material Design Lite
react-modal3.14.3Accessible modal dialog component for React.JS
react-motion-ui-pack0.10.3Addon component wrappers for common UI transitions.
react-motion0.5.2A spring that solves your animation problems.
react-move6.5.0Beautiful, data-driven animations for React.
react-popper2.2.5React wrapper around PopperJS.
react-quill1.3.5The Quill rich-text editor as a React component.
react-redux-form1.16.14Create Forms Easily with React and Redux
react-redux7.2.6Official React bindings for Redux
react-relay0.10.0A framework for building data-driven React applications.
react-router-bootstrap0.25.0Integration between React Router and React-Bootstrap
react-router-dom6.0.2DOM bindings for React Router
react-router-redux4.0.8Ruthlessly simple bindings to keep react-router and redux in sync
react-router6.0.2A complete routing library for React.js
react-select5.2.1A Select control built with and for ReactJS
react-semantify0.6.0Integrate Semantic-ui with react components.
react-sortable-hoc1.11.0Set of higher-order components to turn any list into a sortable, touch-friendly, animated list
react-swipe6.0.4Brad Birdsall's Swipe.js, as a React component
react-table7.6.3A fast, lightweight, opinionated table and datagrid built on React
react-textarea-autosize8.3.3textarea component for React which grows with content
react-transition-group4.4.2A react component toolset for managing animations
react-uwp1.2.31UWP Design & Fluent Design UiKit by React
react-virtualized9.22.3React components for efficiently rendering large, scrollable lists and tabular data
react-widgets5.1.1An à la carte set of polished, extensible, and accessible inputs built for React
react17.0.2React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
reactable0.14.1Fast, flexible, simple data tables in React
reacthttp1.0.0An universal http module for react
reactive-elements0.9.0Allows to use React.js component as custom element
reactstrap8.9.0React Bootstrap 4 components
recompose0.30.0A React utility belt for function components and higher-order components
redux-form8.3.8A higher order component decorator for forms using Redux and React
redux-router2.1.2Redux bindings for React Router — keep your router state inside your Redux Store.
redux4.1.2Predictable state container for JavaScript apps
reflux6.4.1A simple library for uni-directional dataflow application architecture inspired by ReactJS Flux
reselect4.1.5Selectors for Redux.
riot6.0.4A React-like user interface micro-library
soundplayer-widget0.4.2Lightweight embedded SoundCloud player widgets
styled-components5.3.3Visual primitives for the component age. Use the best bits of ES6 and CSS to style your apps without stress
survey-react1.8.57survey.js is a JavaScript Survey Library. It is a modern way to add a survey to your website. It uses JSON for survey metadata and results.
teadao0.6.1Rapid Application Development Framework Built With React.js
vidom0.11.5Library to build UI in a declarative way
zingchart-react3.1.0React components to generate interactive javascript charts using the ZingChart library
ant-design-pro2.3.2An enterprise-class UI design language and React-based implementation
recharts2.1.6React charts
rsuite4.10.2A suite of react components
redux-search2.5.0Redux bindings for client-side search
vivid1.0.10a JavaScript library which is built to easily customize and use the SVG Icons with a blaze.
react-trend1.2.5react-trend React component
react-card-flip1.1.1React component for card flipping animation.
single-spa5.9.3Multiple applications, one page
react-is17.0.2Brand checking of React Elements.
create-react-class15.7.0Legacy API for creating React components.
material-ui4.12.3React components that implement Google's Material Design.
react-native-web0.17.5React Native for Web
react-spring9.1.2A set of spring-physics based animation primitives
react-dnd14.0.4Drag and Drop for React
react-helmet6.1.0A document head manager for React
emotion-core11.0.0Simple styling in React.
react-json-tree0.15.0React JSON Viewer Component, Extracted from redux-devtools
omi6.23.0Front End Cross-Frameworks Framework.
fluentui-react8.29.0Reusable React components for building web experiences.
react-dates21.8.0A responsive and accessible date range picker component built with React
react-jsonschema-form1.8.1A simple React component capable of building HTML forms out of a JSON schema.
react-toolbox1.3.4A set of React components implementing Google's Material Design specification with the power of CSS Modules.
aws-amplify4.2.1AWS Amplify is a JavaScript library for Frontend and mobile developers building cloud-enabled applications.
rax1.2.0A universal React-compatible render engine.
moveable0.26.0Moveable is Draggable, Resizable, Scalable, Rotatable, Warpable, Pinchable, Groupable, Snappable.
react-big-calendar0.33.5Calendar! with events
react-day-picker7.4.10Flexible date picker component for React
carbon-components10.40.0The Carbon Design System is IBM’s open-source design system for products and experiences.
alifd__next1.23.17A configurable component library for web built on React.
hyperHtml2.34.0A Fast & Light Virtual DOM Alternative
body-scroll-lock3.1.5Enables body scroll locking (for iOS Mobile and Tablet, Android, desktop Safari/Chrome/Firefox) without breaking scrolling of a target element (eg. modal/lightbox/flyouts/nav-menus)
react-image-crop8.6.12A responsive image cropping tool for React
primereact6.5.0PrimeReact is a rich set of open source UI Components for React.
react-three-renderer3.2.4Render into a three.js canvas using React.
tagify4.5.0lightweight, efficient Tags input component in Vanilla JS / React / Angular [super customizable, tiny size & top performance]
antv-x6-react-shape1.4.5X6 shape for rendering react components.
react-geosuggest2.14.1A React autosuggest for the Google Maps Places API.
imgix.js3.5.1imgix.js is a dependency-free JavaScript library that allows you to easily use the imgix API to make images on your site or app responsive to device size and pixel density. imgix.js allows for intuitive use of imgix features such as text formatting, color palette extraction, color adjustments, effects, and watermarking. imgix.js requires an imgix account to use your own images. Sign up at imgix.com
concent2.15.14Build-in dependency collection, a predictable、zero-cost-use、progressive、high performance's react develop framework
react-timeago6.2.1A simple Time-Ago component for ReactJs
react-extras2.0.0Useful components and utilities for working with React
react-markdown-editor-lite1.3.0A light-weight Markdown editor of React component
ant-design-icons4.6.2Ant Design Icons for React
chatui-core1.1.1The React library for Chatbot UI
icepick2.4.0Utilities for treating frozen JavaScript objects as persistent immutable collections.
ant-design-icons-svg4.1.0Abstract nodes for ant design icons.
react-imgix9.2.0React Component for displaying an image from imgix
jqwidgets12.1.2jQWidgets is an advanced jQuery, Angular, React, ASP .NET MVC, Custom Elements and HTML5 UI framework.
bs-custom-file-input1.3.4A little plugin for Bootstrap 4 custom file input
react-plotlyjs0.4.4ReactJS / PlotlyJS integration. Draw plotly graphs in your react app.
react-inputs-validation4.8.3a react inputs validation component
mirrorx1.1.3A React framework with minimal API and zero boilerplate.
mobx-react-lite3.2.2Lightweight React bindings for MobX based on React 16.8+ and Hooks
react-hooks-global-state1.0.1Simple global state for React with Hooks API
Sparticles1.2.0Lightweight, High Performance Particles in Canvas