ion-rangeslider2.3.1Cool, comfortable and easily customizable range slider with many options and skin support
jQRangeSlider5.7.2A javascript slider selector that supports dates
jquery-date-range-picker0.21.1jQuery Date Range Picker is a jQuery plugin that allows user to select a date range.
jquery-nstslider1.0.13Fully customizable with CSS, Single/Double handles, Touch-enabled, IE 7+ Compatibility, Custom Digit Rounding, Non linear step increments!
moment-range4.0.2Fancy date ranges for Moment.js
noUiSlider15.1.1A lightweight, highly customizable range slider without bloat. Touch support on all modern devices and responsive design ready!
rangeslider.js2.3.3Simple, small and fast JavaScript/jQuery polyfill for the HTML5 slider element
rangy1.3.0A cross-browser DOM range and selection library
spellbook1.2.4Javascript tools and Class extensions
baremetrics-calendar1.0.14The Baremetrics date range picker is a simplified solution for selecting both date ranges and single dates all from a single calender view. There aren't a billion options but the code is pretty basic and modular so feel free to edit however to meet your own needs.
vue-functional-calendar2.9.4Lightweight, high-performance calendar component based on Vue.js
litepicker2.0.11Date range picker - lightweight, no dependencies