jQuery.print1.6.0Easy to use, Element Printing Plugin for jQuery, for printing specific parts of a page
paper-css0.4.1Paper CSS for happy printing
printThis1.15.0Printing plug-in for jQuery
PrintArea2.4.1Prints a specific area of the page. Using json settings, the printed area is either opened in a popup or in a hidden iframe. Minimal setup and easy to use. See the demo for examples and usage of the options.
datatables-buttons2.2.0Buttons for DataTables
datatables.net-buttons2.2.0Buttons for DataTables
datatables.net-buttons-bs2.2.0Buttons for DataTables with styling for [Bootstrap 3](http://getbootstrap.com/)
datatables.net-buttons-bs42.2.0Buttons for DataTables with styling for [Bootstrap 4](http://getbootstrap.com/)
datatables.net-buttons-se2.2.0Buttons for DataTables with styling for [Semantic UI](http://semantic-ui.com/)
datatables.net-buttons-dt2.2.0Buttons for DataTables
datatables.net-buttons-zf2.2.0Buttons for DataTables with styling for [Zurb Foundation](http://foundation.zurb.com/)