6pac-slickgrid5.9.1A lightning fast JavaScript grid/spreadsheet
ag-grid31.2.1Advanced Framework Agnostic Javascript Datagrid.
angular-data-table0.8.1A feature-rich but lightweight ES6 AngularJS Data Table crafted for large data sets!
angular-deckgrid0.5.0A lightweight masonry-like grid for AngularJS.
angular-smart-table2.1.11Smart table is a table module for angular js. It allows you to quickly compose your table in a declarative way including sorting, filtering, row selection pagination.
angular-ui-grid4.12.7A data grid for Angular
aurora-grid1.0.9Grid system for Aurora Kit
avalanche-css1.3.1Superclean, powerful, responsive, Sass-based, BEM-syntax CSS grid system
backgrid.js0.3.8Backgrid.js is a set of components for building semantic and easily stylable data grid widgets with Backbone.
bricklayer0.4.3Lightweight cascading grid layout library
bricks.js1.8.0A blazing fast masonry layout generator for fixed width elements.
cascade-framework1.5.0CSS framework that puts back the C in CSS
clusterize.js0.19.0Tiny vanilla JS plugin to display large data sets easily
collageplus0.3.3An image grid gallery plugin for jQuery.
core.css3.0.0A lightweight foundation for building responsive websites.
datatables-colvis1.1.2ColVis adds a button to the toolbars around DataTables which gives the end user of the table the ability to dynamically change the visibility of the columns in the table
datatables-fixedheader4.0.1The FixedHeader plug-in will freeze in place the header, footer and left and/or right most columns in a DataTable, ensuring that title information will remain always visible.
datatables-tabletools2.1.5TableTools is a plug-in for the DataTables HTML table enhancer, which adds a highly customisable button toolbar to a DataTable.
datatables1.10.21DataTables enhances HTML tables with the ability to sort, filter and page the data in the table very easily. It provides a comprehensive API and set of configuration options, allowing you to consume data from virtually any data source.
equalizecss1.3.0css-grid built on the properties of flexboxes
flexboxgrid6.3.1Grid based off of CSS3 flexbox specification
flexiblegs-css5.6.0Flexible Grid System CSS
free-jqgrid4.15.5grid as jQuery plugin - fork of jqGrid before licensing change
gijgo1.9.14Gijgo is a set of free open source javascript controls distributed under MIT License. All widgets are high performance, built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library with built-in support for Bootstrap, Material Design and Font Awesome. They are designed to saves you time and scales with your development process.
gojs3.0.0Interactive diagrams, charts, and graphs, such as trees, flowcharts, orgcharts, UML, BPMN, or business diagrams
grd1.4.0A CSS grid framework using Flexbox.
gridder1.4.2A jQuery plugin that displays a thumbnail grid expanding preview similar to the effect seen on Google Images.
griddle-react1.13.1Griddle - A fast and flexible grid component for React.
gridlex2.7.1Just a Flexbox Grid System
gridly1.5.0The minimal (~157 bytes) grid system for modern browsers.
gridstack.js10.1.2gridstack.js is a jQuery plugin for widget layout
handsontable14.3.0Spreadsheet-like data grid editor that provides copy/paste functionality compatible with Excel/Google Docs
hashgrid6A little tool that inserts a layout grid in web pages, allows you to hold it in place, and toggle between displaying it in the foreground or background.
interact.js1.10.27Drag and drop, resizing and multi-touch gestures with inertia and snapping for modern browsers (and also IE9+)
jexcel4.6.1jQuery plugin for embed a excel-like spreadsheet in your apps or website.
jqgrid5.8.5jqGrid is an Ajax-enabled JavaScript control that provides solutions for representing and manipulating tabular data on the web.
jQuery-flexImages1.0.1A lightweight jQuery plugin for creating fluid galleries as seen on Flickr and Google Images.
jquery.googlemap1.5.1A jQuery Plugin allows you to easely manipulate the Google Map API. You are now able to create maps, add some markers and create routes.
jquery.shapeshift2.0.0jQuery plugin which creates a column based grid system that allows drag and drop even between multiple containers.
jsgrid1.5.3Lightweight data grid jQuery plugin. It supports basic grid operations like inserting, filtering, editing, deleting, paging and sorting. Although jsGrid is tunable and allows to customize appearance and components.
jstreegrid3.10.2grid plugin for jstree
justifiedGallery3.8.1This is a JQuery plugin that allows you to create an high quality justified gallery of images. Fill all the spaces!
kule.lazy4.1.0Kule CSS Lazy, Do less, but changeable.
masonry4.2.2Cascading grid layout library
minigrid3.1.0Minimal 2kb zero dependency cascading grid layout
muuri0.9.5Responsive, sortable, filterable and draggable layouts
ng-grid2.0.11A data grid for Angular
orb1.0.9Pivot table javascript library
photoset-grid1.0.1jQuery plugin to arrange images into a flexible grid
pills1.0.1A simple, responsive, and tiny CSS grid for humans.
pivottable2.23.0Javascript Pivot Table (aka Pivot Grid, Pivot Chart, Cross-Tab) implementation with drag'n'drop
pqGrid3.5.1Data grid inspired by MS Excel, provides sorting, filtering, paging, grouping, nesting, rows and cell selections, frozen rows, frozen columns, Add, delete, update, search, can display HTML, JSON, Array, XML, inline editing, validations, virtual rendering, virtual scrolling, cross browser, cross platform, Themeroller ready with 24 ready to use themes.
react-bootstrap-table4.3.1It's a react table for bootstrap
react-data-grid6.1.0Data grid for React
react-grid-layout1.4.4A draggable and resizable grid layout with responsive breakpoints, for React.
react-sortable-hoc1.11.0Set of higher-order components to turn any list into a sortable, touch-friendly, animated list
react-virtualized9.22.5React components for efficiently rendering large, scrollable lists and tabular data
salvattore1.0.9A jQuery Masonry alternative with CSS-driven configuration
savvior0.6.1A Javascript multicolumn layout tool alternative to Masonry or Salvattore.
Shuffle6.1.0Categorize, sort, and filter a responsive grid of items
skel3.0.1Skel: A lightweight responsive framework for the www.
skeleton2.0.4Skeleton is a small collection of CSS files that can help you rapidly develop sites that look beautiful at any size, be it a 17 inch laptop screen or an iPhone.
tabulator6.2.0Interactive table generation JavaScript library
tree-grid-directive0.4.0AngularJS directive for a tree grid, using Bootstrap
Turf.js6.5.0a node.js library for performing geospatial operations with geojson
typeboost.css0.1.11Typeboost.css is a set of CSS rules to ensure readable, scalable and responsive typography. No dependencies. REMs are used for font sizes, paddings, and margins. Wrap your HTML content with class .col and you are done.
vue-smart-table2.5.0A table with dynamic components for vue.js
w2ui1.5.3JavaScript UI library. Includes grid, layout, toolbars, trees, popups.
waterfall.js1.1.0Pinterest Grid in Just 1KB
wuzzle1.1.0Responsive, minimal and customizable grid system
rowgrid.js1.1.0A small, lightweight JavaScript plugin for placing items in straight row
gridjs6.2.0Grid.js is a Free and open-source HTML table plugin written in TypeScript. It works with most JavaScript frameworks, including React, Angular, Vue and VanillaJs.
magic-grid3.2.4Super lightweight javascript library for dynamic grid layouts.
primereact10.6.3PrimeReact is a rich set of open source UI Components for React.
tui-grid4.21.22TOAST UI Grid : Powerful data grid control supported by TOAST UI
vue-tables-22.3.4Vue.js 2 grid components
waffle-grid1.3.6An easy to use flexbox grid system
reflex-grid2.0.8responsive flexbox grid with inline-block legacy support
jqwidgets19.0.0jQWidgets is an advanced jQuery, Angular, React, ASP .NET MVC, Custom Elements and HTML5 UI framework.
lit-grid-layout1.1.15A Grid Layout for Lit Element
tabulator-tables6.2.0Interactive table generation JavaScript library
subtotal1.10.0Subtotal.js is a JavaScript plugin for PivotTable.js. It renders subtotals of rows and columns with the ability to expand and collapse rows.