bacon.js3.0.19A small functional reactive programming lib for JavaScript.
elm-runtime0.8.0.3The runtime for the Elm language.
folktale2.3.1A suite of libraries for generic functional programming in JavaScript that allows you to write elegant modular applications with fewer bugs and more reuse.
fpo6.1.11FP library for JavaScript. Supports named-argument style methods.
gemma1.1.0A lightweight CSS library
gibon0.4.1Functional client-side router in ~570 bytes, built on HTML5 History API
hyperapp2.0.22The tiny framework for building hypertext applications
immutable4.3.7Immutable Data Collections
kefir3.8.0Reactive Programming library for JavaScript inspired by Bacon.js and RxJS with focus on high performance and low memory usage
lazy.js0.5.1Like Underscore, but lazier
lodash-compat3.10.2The compatibility build of lodash.js
lodash-fp0.10.4lodash with more functional fun.
lodash.js4.17.21A utility library delivering consistency, customization, performance, & extras.
mori0.3.2Persistent Data Structures for JavaScript
most1.9.0Monadic streams for Ultra-high performance reactive programming
motajs0.18.0JavaScript library that aims to allow the developer to easily build web applications.
nuclear-js1.4.0Immutable, reactive Flux architecture. UI Agnostic.
rambda9.2.1Lightweight alternative to Ramda
ramda0.30.1A practical functional library for JavaScript programmers.
regl2.1.0regl is a fast functional WebGL framework.
soundplayer-widget0.4.2Lightweight embedded SoundCloud player widgets
sugar2.0.6A Javascript library for working with native objects.
transducers.js0.3.2A small library for generalized transformation of data
underscore-contrib0.3.0The brass buckles on Underscore's utility belt.
xstream11.14.0An extremely intuitive, small, and fast functional reactive stream library for JavaScript
sanctuary3.1.0Refuge from unsafe JavaScript
crocks0.12.4A collection of well known Algebraic Datatypes for your utter enjoyment.
ramda-adjunct5.0.1Ramda Adjunct is the most popular and most comprehensive set of utilities for use with Ramda, providing a variety of useful, well tested functions with excellent documentation.
vue-functional-calendar2.9.99Lightweight, high-performance calendar component based on Vue.js
bulma-helpers0.4.3Library with missing Functional / Atomic CSS classes for Bulma framework.