agility0.1.3Javascript MVC for the "write less, do more"
airbrake-js1.6.7Notify Airbrake on JavaScript exceptions
angular-filter0.5.17Bunch of useful filters for angularJS(with no external dependencies!)
angular-wizard1.1.1Easy to use Wizard library for AngularJS
backbone-react-component1.0.0Backbone.React.Component is a wrapper for React.Component and brings all the power of Facebook's React to Backbone.js
backbone.babysitter1.0.0Manage child views in a Backbone.View
backbone.obscura0.1.6A read-only proxy of a Backbone.Collection that can easily be filtered, sorted, and paginated.
backbone.stickit0.9.2Model binding in Backbone style.
backbone.syphon0.8.0Serialize a Backbone.View in to a JavaScript object
bitcoinjs-lib0.2.0-1Client-side Bitcoin JavaScript library
canvg3.0.10Javascript SVG parser and renderer on Canvas
cignium-hypermedia-client1.35.0Hypermedia renderer for Cignium's hypermedia api.
ClientJS0.2.1Device information and digital fingerprinting written in pure JavaScript.
dropbox.js10.34.0Client library for the Dropbox API
engine.io-client3.5.4Client for the realtime Engine
flowchart1.18.0Draws simple SVG flow chart diagrams from textual representation of the diagram
http-client4.3.1Compose HTTP clients using JavaScript's fetch API
js-cookie3.0.5A simple, lightweight JavaScript API for handling cookies
jsnlog2.30.0Simple logging package. Use on client and/or server. On the client, sends logs to the server and stores them in your existing server side logs. On the server, log to console or use Winston transports. Ideal for logging exceptions, AJAX timeouts.
lamb0.61.1A lightweight, and docile, JavaScript library to help embracing functional programming.
leaflet-minimap3.6.1A plugin for Leaflet that provides a minimap in the corner of the map view.
leaflet.draw1.0.4Vector drawing plugin for Leaflet
leaflet.toolbar.js0.3.0Flexible, extensible toolbars for Leaflet maps.
lodash-compat3.10.2The compatibility build of lodash.js
lodash.js4.17.21A utility library delivering consistency, customization, performance, & extras.
loStorage.js2.0.3Client-side storage the way it should be – using the HTML5 localStorage API.
mojio-js3.5.2Mojio javascript REST client.
mori0.3.2Persistent Data Structures for JavaScript
oidc-client1.11.5OpenID Connect (OIDC) & OAuth2 client library
postgrest-client1.1.2Advanced client for the PostgREST API
re-tree0.1.7JavaScript Extended regular expression engine - client side, server side and 'angular side' ready.
restangular1.6.0Restful Resources service for AngularJS apps
snoocore3.2.0A minimal and complete JavaScript driver for the Reddit API.
socketcluster-client16.0.1SocketCluster JavaScript client
stacktrace.js2.0.2Framework-agnostic, micro-library for getting stack traces in all environments
transducers.js0.3.2A small library for generalized transformation of data
validate.js0.13.1Declarative validations for JavaScript
ng-browser-info0.1.6ngBrowserInfo is an AngularJS service that gives you a collection of methods for knowing more about your client browser.
choo7.1.0A 4kb framework for creating sturdy frontend applications
ali-oss6.20.0aliyun oss(object storage service) node client
css-vars-ponyfill2.4.9Client-side support for CSS custom properties (aka "CSS variables") in legacy and modern browsers
deepstream-client7.0.4the javascript client for deepstream.io
oauth4webapi2.11.1OAuth 2 / OpenID Connect for JavaScript Runtimes
ajaxrequest.js2.1.9A JavaScript class library that can help in managing AJAX requests.